(= means by which sth is accomplished) → Mittel nt; she became the unwitting agent of his wicked plot → unwissentlich wurde sie zum Werkzeug für seinen niederträchtigen Strategy

In classical European feudalism, the title of king because the ruler of the kingdom is understood for being the best rank inside the feudal purchase, potentially topic, no less than nominally, only to an emperor (harking again to your client kings on the Roman Republic and Roman Empire).[one]

It really is probable he wished to offer created proof of a plea that he was an unwilling agent from the clutch of a mutinous army.

spy operative informer undercover emissary mole undercover agent key agent asset spook courier intelligencer sleeper double agent counterspy spymaster stool pigeon infiltrator superspy

Grammar. a type or development, normally a noun or noun phrase, denoting an animate being that performs or will cause the motion expressed through the verb, as being the police in The vehicle was uncovered with the law enforcement.

Eig, who may have also written artful biographies of Muhammad Ali and Lou Gehrig, describes how quite a few younger Gals attended King’s graduation from Crozer And exactly how — as if inside of a scene from a Feydeau farce — Each individual expected to get introduced to his dad and mom as his fiancée.

→ وَكِيل agent agent Vertreter πράκτορας agente agentti agent agent agente 代理人 대리인 agent agent agent agente агент ombud ตัวแทน temsilci người trung gian 代理商

All estate agent real estate property agent vacation agent agent bank e mail agent cost-free agent property agent See all meanings Term on the Day

coolant - a fluid agent (fuel or liquid) that provides cooling; Specifically 1 accustomed to cool a procedure by transferring warmth away from 1 element to another; "he added much more coolant to the car's radiator"; "the atomic reactor utilised a gas coolant"; "lathe operators use an emulsion of oil and water being a coolant with the chopping Resource"

He was compact, but he was a natty dresser and possessed a trim mustache plus a stunning smile. Females ended up already throwing them selves at him, And they'd hardly ever quit doing so.

causal agency, causal agent, result in - any entity that creates an effect or is accountable for occasions or outcomes

Grammara kind or building, generally a noun or noun phrase, denoting an animate becoming that performs or causes the action expressed because of the verb, as being the police in The vehicle was observed with the law enforcement.

hypoglycaemic agent, hypoglycemic agent - any of various agents that reduce the here extent of glucose from the blood and so are Utilized in the cure of diabetic issues mellitus

nerve agent, nerve fuel - a toxic gas which is inhaled or absorbed throughout the pores and skin and it has dangerous results about the anxious and respiratory procedure

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